A roadmap 2018-2021 with great features to come.


  • Q2


    register a new domain name
    Released 18 Mach 2018


    the creation of a new style
    Released 28 Mach 2018

    RoadMap Q2

    Road Map
    Released 9 April 2018

    Site creation

    website creation and partial content
    Released 12 April 2018


    project brief
    Released 13 April 2018


    swapping old tokens in wallets ERC20
    Released 25 April 2018

    Domain registration

    register a new domain name ""
    Released 26 April 2018


    create and approve a white paper
    Released 22 May 2018

    Site full launch

    the full content of the website
    Released June 2018


    Airdrop company, promo in telegram
    Released 7 May -17 June 2018

    ATLAS Organica

    technical model presentation
    Released 31 May 2018

    Developing WALETT+

    start of WALLET+ development
    Released 1 June 2018

    ATLAS Genesis

    technical model presentation
    Released 2 June 2018


    bounty company
    Released 11 June -11 July 2018

    Update BluePaper

    Update WhitePaper [BluePaper 1.1]
    Released 21 June 2018

    Advertising Company

    Visual Advertising on sites
    Released 16 June - 29 July 2018

    UX design Wallet+

    UX design Veros Wallet+
    Released 24 June 2018


    RoadMap Q3
    Released 11 July 2018
  • Q3

    Server-side Veros

    launch of developing of server-side
    Released 13 July 2018

    UI design of WALLET+

    Veros Wallet+ UI design
    Released 18 July 2018

    Visual shell Wallet+

    developing launch of visual shell Wallet+
    Released 19 July 2018

    Update of site

    design update of site
    strong>Released 05 August 2018

    Test launch Wallet+

    test launch of Veros Wallet+
    Released 04 August 2018

    Veros Wallet+ Android

    release of the beta version of Veros Cabinet for Android
    Released 5 September 2018

  • Q4

    UX Design

    UX Design Web Veros Platform [Veros Cabinet]
    Released 09 November 2018

    AMA Veros Team

    Questions and answers with the project team.
    Released 12 November 2018

    IDAX Listing

    VRS token Listing on IDAX exchange. IDAX TOP5.
    Released 16 November 2018

    Veros Web Wallet+

    launch of Web Wallet+
    Released 26 December 2018

  • 2019

  • Q1

    Update RoadMap

    Update RoadMap Q1 2019
    Released 25 January 2019

    Veros Listing

    VRS token listing on DobiTrade exchange
    Released 2 9 January 2019

    Veros Cabinet Android

    сompletely new mobile version of the Cabinet for Android
    Released 2 February 2019

  • Q2

    Veros Partnership

    Released 2 0 April 2019

  • Q3


    Launch of Veros Fundraising platform. PLANET OF CHARITY by VEROS FP international charity service with zero Commission and direct funding with support of Fiat and cryptocurrency assets.
    Released 31 Aug 2019

  • Q4

    Veros News

    News of charity, eco-innovation and blockchain
    Released 31 September 2019

    Partnership with Changelly

    Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, which acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 150+ cryptocurrencies.
    Released 07 November 2019

    Charity fundraising with a cryptocurrency.

    Launch of fundraising for UNICEF Innovation in cryptocurrency.
    Released 13 November 2019


    Creation of association World Initiative Development Charity Innovations is an organization aimed at creating, supporting and implementing innovative solutions in the field of charity.
    Released 26 November 2019

    Furure Store

    Furure Store it is a service that will help you meet and purchase revolutionary innovative products and services in one place.
    Released 25 December 2019

  • 2020

  • Q1

    SWAP Token VRS

    All users of VRS token must transfer funds to a personal wallet platform VEROS FP until March 1, 2020. The SWAP will be automatic March 1-2, 2020.
    Data March 1, 2020

    Veros Atlas

    ATLAS will act as an intermediary between venture funds, Eurozone direct investors and innovative environmental projects.
    Released 20 May 2020

  • Q4

    AMA on С

    Contest for the best questions with prizes from the project on С

    Released November 22-26


    AMA in the telegram - Live chat c team
    Released November 22-26

    Launch of the development

    Launch of the development of an innovative VEROS Exchange with fixed asset growth
    Released November 25


    Released November 27

    Advertising campaign

    Launch of an advertising campaign
    Released November 30


    Investment Partnership
    Released December 4

    Quiz with prizes

    Quiz with prizes from the project on С
    Released December 4


    VRS on UNISWAP! Soon
    Released December 10

    Roadmap Q1 2021

    Publications Roadmap Q1 2021
    Released December 14


    AMA | Live chat c team
    Released December 17


    Partnership with Investment Russia
    Released December 21

    VRS Listing

    Listing on Exchange
    ReleasedDecember 23

    VEROS Exchange

    Launch of the Exchange in Closed
    ReleasedDecember 27

  • 2021

  • Q1


    Data January 21

    Token burning

    Token burning
    Data February 18

    VEROS Exchange

    Launch of a digital trading platform. Innovative futures and margin cryptocurrency exchange.
    Released February 23