An Optimized Fundraising Platform
Incentivizing Philanthropy

Veros is a fundraising platform for individuals, NGO's and projects around the globe.
With the aim to better our planet, Veros redistributes over 50% of all revenues directly back into causes fundraising to better our world.



    Unlike current platforms like Gofundme, Veros charges ZERO fees. Allowing all proceeds to go directly to the cause.

    Using the VRS token, the Veros Platform is open to the entire world. No currency conversions needed.


    Veros aims to benefit the global environment and living conditions for all species on earth.

    Veros is a platform designed to incentivize and proliferate change through the funding of eco-friendly and eco-innovational projects.

    An integrated wallet, feeless exchange, and fundraiser launch platform make it easier for users to donate and create a fundraiser than ever before.

    Over 50% of all in-browser advertisement revenue will go directly to current charity fundraisers on the Veros platform. Funding will be allocated through community voting.

Fundraising for Charity

VEROS Digital Hearts

Platform to raise funds with incentives for philanthropic fundraisers.
Our work and dedicated fundraising make the world better.


Veros was built from the ashes of an old project that was abandoned by its creators. When the previous founders took the money and ran, they left behind a community of people in shambles, without a hope for revival. From this, Veros Digital Hearts was born. Veros Digital Hearts converted all of the worthless tokens from the old project into new VRS tokens, ready to be used on the Veros global fundraising platform. Veros’ core essence is to proliferate philanthropy. It is where we came from, and where we are headed.

Veros is a zero-fee fundraising platform where the majority of all advertisement revenue funnels directly into fundraisers launched on the platform.


• Be the leading online fundraising and eco-project launch platform
• Zero fees for all fundraisers, donations and project launches
• Use advertisement revenues directly for the funding of eco-innovational and eco-freindly causes
• Progress towards a better earth for all species and the environment

Download OnePaper! Documentation Of The Project.

Veros dApp &
dWeb Platform

Veros dApp & dWeb Platform provides an opportunity to run more cost-effective fundraisers, while synonymously helping improve the quality of the earth. Veros is a decentralized platform that allows for additional security, privacy and transparency throughout.
Coming soonApp Store Veros Wallet+Google play


A roadmap 2018-2019 with great features to come.

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  • Q4

    20% Coin Burn

    Burning 20% of all VRS coins.
    Released 01 November 2018

    BiteBTC Listing

    VRS token Listing on BiteBTC exchange.
    Released 08 November 2018

    UX Design

    UX Design Web Veros Platform [Veros DH & Veros Wallet+]
    Released 09 November 2018

    AMA Veros Team

    Questions and answers with the project team.
    Released 12 November 2018

    IDAX Listing

    VRS token Listing on IDAX exchange. IDAX TOP5.
    Released 16 November 2018

    Veros Web Wallet+

    launch of Web Wallet+
    Released 26 December 2018

  • 2019

  • Q1

    Update RoadMap

    Update RoadMap Q1 2019
    Released 25 January 2019

    Veros Listing

    VRS token listing on DobiTrade exchange
    Released 29 January 2019

    Veros Wallet+ iOS

    release of the mobile beta version of Veros Wallet+ for iOS(Apple)
    Released 30 January 2019

    Veros Wallet+ Android

    сompletely new mobile version of the Wallet+ for Android
    Released 2 February 2019

    Veros Digital Hearts

    test launch of Veros Fundraising platform
    Released 18 February 2019

    Veros Marketplace

    launch of eco-high-tech Store
    Released 31 March 2019

  • Q2

    Veros Atlas

    launch of Presale Area of Tokens eco-high-tech projects
    Released 2019

    Veros Oracle

    launch of decentralized Management System
    Released 2019