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VEROS Fundraising Platform

Efficient Allocation.
New Eco-High-Tech Future

VEROS Fundraising Platform is a platform aimed at preserving wildlife, improving environmental conditions and living standards of people on the planet.
VEROS Fundraising Platform is a fundraising platform for individuals, NGO's and projects around the globe.


The Team's efforts and Your Support help in creating a platform that should change the world and help in creating an eco-high-tech future. VEROS Fundraising Platform and the VRS token will unite the efforts of individuals and organizations around the world under the common goal of improving the quality and delicate balance of life here on earth. By creating a Global Optimized Platform aimed at fundraising for investment in high-tech-eco projects, charity and trade pool for eco-goods and services. Veros directs the part of all on-platform advertising revenue directly to eco-conscious fundraisers and eco-project launches.

support | VRS

  • Marketplace

    Trading platform that allows you to buy eco-high-tech goods and services.
  • Obligatory receipt

    Obligatory receipt of the VRS token by new projects.
  • Efficient allocation

    Efficient allocation of project funds.


    To purchase eco-high-tech products By using VRS tokens.
  • Voting

    Use in the voting system.

  • Commission

    The Commission for the exchange of digital and Fiat assets on the VRS token.
  • Commission

    The Commission for the purchase of eco-projects tokens.
  • Burning

    "Burning" esidue of tokens.

  • Investment

    Investment by crypto currency in environmental start-ups, good deeds and various studies.

Blockchain technologies help in the
work on Сhanging the World!

Support the vision of a Better Earth and a Better Tomorrow

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Veros VRS

Name: VEROS | Symbol: VRS
Algo: Ethereum | Type: ERC20 | Decimals: 6 | PoW

Circulating Supply

Max Supply: 80 000 000
Total Supply: 80 000 000
Contract: 0x92E78dAe1315067a8819EFD6dCA432de9DCdE2e9

VRS Coinmarketcap!

VRS Distribution

# Stage % VRS
1 VEROS Platform 1 1 000 000
2 Stabilization Fund 39 39 000 000
3 Project Fund 4,5 4 500 000
4 Bounty & Airdrop 2 2 000 000
5 Founders 3 3 000 000
6 Fund of burning 25(0) Tokens Burned
7 Charity Fund 12(0) Distribution