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Charity Platform

Platform to raise funds with incentives for philanthropic fundraisers. Our work and dedicated fundraising make the world better.


    Unlike current charity platforms, "DIGITAL HEARTS by Veros" charges ZERO fees. Allowing all proceeds to go directly to the cause.

    Cross-platform multilingual Ecosystem created to combine services and services in one place.


    Veros FP aims to benefit the global environment and living conditions for all species on earth.

    Veros is a platform designed to incentivize and proliferate change through the funding of eco-friendly and eco-innovational projects.

    The integrated wallet, exchange tools and fundraising launch platform helps users create fundraising more easily than ever before.

    Over 20% of all in-browser advertisement revenue will go directly to current charity fundraisers on the "Veros FP" platform.

Make the World Better!


- Be the leading online fundraising and eco-project launch platform
- Zero fees for all fundraisers, donations and project launches
- Use advertisement revenues directly for the funding of eco-innovational and eco-freindly causes
- Progress towards a better earth for all species and the environment

Veros FP App &
Web Cabinet

Veros FP App & Web Cabinet It allows non-profit organizations to manage charitable fees, commercial organizations to manage cards of innovative products, users are given access to manage operations with digital assets and many others.

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Environmental Crisis

So far, our atmosphere can be derived from the environmental crisisin the following ways:
- Reduce energy consumption and use;
- Reduce emissions to the atmosphere;
- Use natural sources of energy;
- Use cleaners on heavily soiled areas.

Suspend the greenhouse effect is also realistic, and this requires:
- Replace fossil fuels with alternative fuels;
- Use non-waste;
- Develop technologies for the absorption of CO2;
- Stop massive deforestation;
- Increase the number of green spaces.

Provided that these measures will be observed absolutely by all states and countries of the world, with close international cooperation our planet will be able to get out of the impending ecological catastrophe.



Platform with zero commissions and direct funding for organizations and individuals aimed at raising funds for wildlife conservation, improving environmental conditions and the standard of living of people on the planet.

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There are many ways of solving the environmental problems of mankind. But usually it all comes down to properly utilizing production waste and, in general, switching to more environmentally friendly ways of industry, using cleaner fuels natural power generation systems (like solar panels or windmills).
But the problems are much deeper. Mankind has become accustomed to living in cities and megacities, which is already a violation of the natural balance. Cities and harmful industries are the main sources of environmental pollution.
At the moment, the creation of a fully ecological city to mankind is inaccessible. If you try to imagine how an ecologically inscribed city should look like, then for construction there should be used only 100 % harmless materials, in properties similar to wood and stone. Naturally, such a city should more resemble a park or reserve than an industrial megalopolis, and houses in it must drown in trees, and animals and birds should walk around the streets calmly. But the creation of such a metropolis is a complex process. Simply the other way round, scatter settlements of people and start settling on natural landscapes that are practically untouched by the human hand. Dispersed in space settlements reduce the burden on the biosphere in separate places. Naturally, life in new places should include compliance with environmental safety techniques. Cities are suffocating in piles of garbage, the only way to survive is to get rid of it and switch to more environmentally friendly materials that quickly decompose. Conduct mass events on planting trees, cleaning up garbage and promoting environmental friendliness